Sunday, May 26

It seems in order to keep this old blog up, I must post in it every so often.

Saturday, January 12

I've finally moved into my new home. Please, updated your links. Thankies !!!

hhmmmm... Don'tcha just like when people say one thing then do the opposite of what they said.

Friday, January 11

Blah... me just wants to crawl under the blankies & just go to sleep.

Monday, January 7

Yay !! Our domain is up !! "Our"= Chrissy, Cyn, Jessie, & myself. Thankis to the Lovely Thori for all her help !! Ann has got herself a very cute looking log also !! The new job is still going well. I feel like it will take me forever to straight my office out. Pretty much had a lazy week-end. The only thing I really did was go to the hubby's band's show and hang out w/ friends on Saturday night.

@Chrissy ~ *huggs* No sorries needed, Hun !!! Didn't mean to make you feel bad @ expressing your feelings & all. Me just do not likely seeing my friends upset, ok !! Luff You !!

Thursday, January 3

I'm liking the new job. Things seem to be going well. I was hoping to be more settle in by now but there are too many things to straighten out. I don't want to say anything bad about the person that was there before me but there are many things that were not done correctly or done @ all. I think maybe he was in someways like I was w/ my old job, just had been there too long and was in need for a change & a challenge but just a little worse than I was. There are just somethings I would or wouldn't do even if I was bored & unhappy w/ a job. But to each their own, I guess ?! I do have internet access there so when I get things running right, I'll be able to play online a little during the day. I feel that my online time has my "release" or "escape" or whatever you what to call it. It makes me sad to come online & see things that aren't so nice. Just so no one misunderstands or feels bad or anything else like that, let me explain a little more, it makes me sad not because something was written but because it had to be written in the 1st place. *wonders if that made any sense*

Monday, December 31

Happy New Years !!

Thursday, December 27

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season !! My Christmas was good. *g* It's kinda not over yet for us, still have to get together with my Dad & Grandmother. Thanks to everyone who sent me cards & pressies !! It's only my second day but the new job seems to be going well. The only bad thing that has happen so far was me being late today due to the trains. Nothing was said to me so I don't think anyone was mad plus I was told the hours were kinda flexible too. So, I'm thinking I'm ok and not going to get into any trouble for it. Today was a very, very bad train day. I'm so worn out.